George Van Wyck knows cheese steak. He grew up in Philadelphia working in a family restaurant. Now he works with his family at Steak Stuffers USA including wife Bee, son Garth and daughter-in-law Patti. “There are always three family members in the store and it really makes a difference in customer service,” says George.

The entire family works long hours five days a week but when it comes to the weekend you’ll find them enjoying each other and the grandchildren. Unfortunately an unexpected move threatened their precious family time. The widening of I-44 highway required Steak Stuffers USA to find a new location. A staple in the Brookside area of Tulsa, the move seemed daunting with ODOT logistics, paperwork and downtime. They turned to their Curtis account representative for help.

With 15 years in the foodservice industry, Kathy Bennett with Curtis Restaurant Supply worked with George and the ODOT team to supply the required move documents including current equipment evaluation, replacement value and cost analysis.

Several items including the vent hood were grand-fathered in at the old location but would not pass code at the new location. In consideration were items that could be repaired but the replacement parts were obsolete. Only a seasoned equipment professional would be able to make this determination and recommend the appropriate course of action.

The move analysis took weeks with Kathy working nights and weekends to complete the process. “Kathy was a tremendous help and we are grateful to have her knowledge and expertise available to us for this major project” said George, “She’s like family to us”.

For more information about Curtis Restaurant Supply please call (800) 766-2878.

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