Curtis Restaurant Supply is a commercial kitchen equipment and supply source consultant located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. With over 70 years in the industry, Curtis provides reliable experienced, customer-oriented service. Curtis employees have a passion for helping customers find exactly what they need when they need it - and this standard of care is shared throughout the company.

We call it The Curtis Standard.

The Curtis Standard is our promise of consistency and personal care to customers and to each other. It is the culmination of our three brand attributes.


Our experience in the industry sets us apart. Because of our depth of knowledge of commercial kitchens, our product lines and the challenges of working in food service, our customers trust us to make the right recommendations. They look to us to help simplify and create efficiency.


Everyone on the Curtis team acts in the best interest of the customer. Caring for our customers looks like going the extra mile in how we inspect, deliver and assemble a product or in making recommendations because it's better for the customer. We are caring neighbors. We know being present and helpful makes a difference.


In all we do, we aim to help others. Our team goes the extra mile to ensure customers experiences are consistently excellent. From extensive quality assurance to ongoing support, we provide the assistance most want, but rarely receive. We treat our customers with respect and their satisfaction is our goal.

It represents the care the Curtis team upholds in our day-to-day work. 

We are reliable partners; we provide great value and we provide expert consultation. In every interaction - whether during an equipment delivery, when visiting the showroom, or speaking with a Curtis Consultant - we treat others better than we would want to be treated. Above all else, we are neighbors who support and anticipate the needs of customers.