Proud To Be Oklahoman.
Curtis Restaurant Supply is an Oklahoma-owned and operated company headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with sales offices in Tulsa and Oklahoma City. We are proud to purchase products from Oklahoma manufacturers, and subcontract outside services from fellow Oklahoma companies.
Curtis Restaurant Supply:
  • Is an Oklahoma-owned and operated company
  • Is headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • Employs 34 Oklahoma residents
  • Subcontracts refrigeration work to an Oklahoma company
  • Purchases custom fabrication from Oklahoma companies
  • Purchases vent hoods from an Oklahoma manufacturer
  • Subcontracts vent hood installation to an Oklahoma company
  • Purchases supplies from an Oklahoma manufacturer
  • Supports the School Nutrition Association of Oklahoma
  • Is a member of the Oklahoma Restaurant Association
When money stays in your community, the local tax dollars support schools and neighborhoods, roads and infrastructure, police and fire departments, local groups and organizations, and most important of all, keeps us all working.
Buying from out-of-state owned suppliers and vendors contributes nothing to our local economy.
It's your choice. Please spend your money with local businesses.